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Steve Hemmings writes and talks about how your mindset has the biggest impact on your performance, both at work and in everyday life.  Having a strong mindset is crucial to improvement and handling the challenges a stressful working life has on you.  A strong mindset isn’t about being macho, or uncaring, quite the opposite.  It’s about maintaining the right attitude, believing you can achieve your goals even when things are stacked against you. 

Changing the way you think about challenges and the pressures you have to get things done helps with your wellbeing at improves your performance.  Once your habitual thinking patterns change, your brain’s circuits also change, and new helpful thinking patterns develop.  You will find that your performance improves, you become happier in your work, and you will view work challenges more positively.

Neuroscience and psychology are paving the way, and new research is providing the evidence that gaining the right thinking and correct behaviours can transform your working life for the good.    

Steve is a business graduate with years of experience working in high profile leadership roles.  He’s first became interested in the psychology that underpins performance in the mid 1990’s.  He has spent the last 10 years coaching leaders for increased personal performance. 

Steve is now writing his second book, and the subject in on how you can improve personal performance by changing the way you think about challenges.  The book will delve into how you can control stressful thinking, giving you practical methods on developing the right mindset.  It also considers the latest insights in neuroscience and psychology that underpin personal performance and wellbeing.       

Steve also has a passion for the environment.  His dissertation at college examined the economic argument for alternative energy technologies.  You’ll find him occasionally blogging about climate change and how we all need to change our habits and beliefs about the future.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/stevehemmings