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Steve’s blogging and writing comes from a deep interest in developing individual talent.  His psychological profile shows that one of his key strengths is developing others: You promote other people’s learning and development to help them achieve their goals and fulfil their potential.” StrengthsScope 2018.

This is one of the reasons Steve transitioned from a senior sales leadership career in IT to become an independent sales and leadership coach in 2009.  Since retirement in 2016, he continues to write his blog, and is currently updating his book ‘Setting Appointments Using the Phone’, which will appeal the those who use the phone to set meetings with executives and senior managers.

Steve’s blog focuses on three disciplines: Mindset, Collaboration, and Relationship Building. Steve has found there is a natural cohesion between these three areas, and by having a good understanding of each of these disciplines, you can excel in sales related careers and in positions of leadership.

Understanding the significance of a strong mindset is an enormously important area.  It has a powerful connection with wellbeing, particularly for those in tough working environments, and is the prerogative of successful people.  Sometimes referred to as a tough mindset, although it’s not tough in the sense of being macho, or uncaring – quite the opposite.  It’s about maintaining the right attitude when things get tough so that you can achieve your goals even when things are stacked against you.

Having a strong mindset is a pre-requisite when you’re involved in complex collaboration projects, particularly when building resilient relationships, whether these be with internal colleagues, or external partners.

A blog to improve performance

Neuroscience and psychology are providing greater insight into how we all tick.  New research in neuroscience is showing us how our brains perform under different situations, and we can exploit this new found understanding to enhance our behaviour.  Some of the latest areas in applied psychology, especially in cognitive behavioural coaching, can help some people develop the kind of mindset needed to achieve higher results.

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